Beginners guide to contact juggling


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Free Resources Where to start? Some of the users from the forum have written some great beginners guides to CJ.

  • The moves section on this wiki
  • Intro 2 Contact Juggling Video - Great 10 minute info video for beginners; includes very good isolation exercises and a serious motivational push!
  • The first five steps - by ferret
  • [[1]]??? - Literally the first few things you do.
  • Twisthem's guide - a great guide with lots of handy information
  • How to learn 1 ball contact juggling - Article by the Ministry of Manipulation.
  • Kae's Guide to Contact Juggling by Kae Verens - An unfinished draft of a book by Kae Verens who was originally responsible for creating this site. **revised 9/21/09**
  • How to start multiball contact juggling - Article by the Ministry of Manipulation.
  • What Ball to Choose? - Video by Daydreamyjuggler & the Ministry of Manipulation.

Commercial Contact Juggling teaching resources

  • Reviews - of books and DVD's related to contact.
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