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    [edit] Where to begin


    The Newbies Guide To Starting Contact Juggling.

    I Just Got A Ball, Now What???

    The 4 Basic Isolations - A Workshop

    JK's Contact Juggling Tutorial Part 1

    Lessons from Ferret The First Five

    Lessons from Ferret The Next Five Steps

    Lessons from Ferret Lesson 10

    The Butterfly Revisited

    Beginners guide to contact juggling

    [edit] Palm Spinning




    Guide To Palm Spinning

    Palm Spinning by Ferret

    [edit] Theory

    Thoughts and ideas from the BCJC2003

    The 4 Types Of Jugglers - By : Lance Coombes

    Siggys Guide To Getting the most out of your Practice Sessions.

    Contact Juggling Ball Theory

    [edit] Performing

    How Much To Charge For A Performance by Ferret

    The Ferret Speaks about How to deal with Pre-Performance Stress.

    Creating a routine for Contact Juggling


    [edit] Reviews

    Most reviews can be found on the Reviews page.

    Michael Moschen at the Actors Gymnasium

    [edit] Equipment

    Polishing spheres using a buffing machine

    [edit] Stretching

    Ferrets Small Stretching Routine

    Wrist Stretch by Ferret

    Shoulder Stretch by Ferret

    Rotator Cuff Stretch by Ferret

    Lat Stretch by Ferret

    Bicep Stretch by Ferret

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