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Contact juggling tricks exist with many different names/descriptions. This page intends to archive all the 'tricks' and associated names/descriptions.

  • 4 Categorys of Contact Juggling
    • Butterfly Transfers - tricks involving the rolling of balls on the hands.
    • Bodyrolls - tricks involving the rolling on balls on the body.
    • Isolations - tricks involving the illusion of a floating ball.
    • Palmspinning - tricks involving the manipulation of multiple balls in the hands.

Butterfly Transfers

Changing hands after a butterfly is completed.

  • Butterfly: A motion where the ball rolls from the back of the hand to the front. Usually in a graceful sweeping motion pivoting at the wrist while the ball rolls over the finger tips.
  • Index butterfly: Ball rolls over the side of the index finger. (aka. flip flop)
  • Windshield wiper: Same as butterfly, but the arm is straight from the elbow. The arm makes a wide arc from the elbow.
  • Palm-Cradle Transfer : example
  • Fingertip-Palm Transfer : example
  • Palm to palm : example
  • Back to back : cradle to cradle transfer. Cross your wrists, tip the hand with the ball (inside hand) back and roll the ball into the other cradle (outside hand).
  • Circle : You can combine them and have fun with it.


An easy definition of a body roll would be transfering the ball from one stall point on your body to another one through rolling or sliding it over your body, in whatever path you want it to follow.

An easy example is having the ball in the palm or your hand, and then rolling it to the inside elbow stall, stopping it there. That would be an inside arm roll.

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4 Basic isolations (names subject to change - alternate names also listed)

 - Enigma - 
 - Grip (aka Gregs Grip, Ice-cream cones, Milking the Cow, Squeeze-ups)
 - Palm Circle
 - Held rotation (aka. Clawed rotations, held isolations)
 - Walking isolation (hands transfer under the isolated ball)
  • Isolation concepts
    • Linear Shift - the shifting of a ball between isolation points (often in a square box)
    • Fixed Point - the isolation of a ball in opposition to the body, so that the hand/ball stays still (eg, a mime in an imaginary box)
    • Liquid - the illusions of fluidity created by speed control (see Liquid Dance for examples of the 'connected hand')
    • 2 Point Isolation - the rolling of a ball in between 2 points of contact

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please help us add to this section!

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