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    How to make a cj tutorial.

    You'll need :

    • a ball
    • a video camera
    • a computer
    • some editing software

    Learn the move, perfect it. Record it on the camera. When recording think about having a plain background and try not to move around too much. Also make sure you have enough light in your video. Nothing will ruin a good video quicker than not enough light.

    [edit] youtube

    Record a tutorial video and upload it to youtube. We have a YouTube account specifically for the tutorials if you don't want to clutter your own youtube account. Contact an administrator on the forum and ask for details to the account.

    [edit] gifs

    These days it's probably better to use youtube or another hosting service for your videos, but if you still want to make an animated gif:

    Your aiming for the file to be loop able so keeping your feet planted in the same place will pretty much be a safe bet. Suck the footage on the computer and into your editing software. Cut it down to just the raw move. That will most probably just be a second or two long. We'll be using the .gif file for the tutorial as they are nice and small and loop automatically (mostly). Do not fade in or out at the beginning or end of the video. Export the video as a .gif file. 15 frames a second and use a resolution of about 200x200 and try and keep the colours down to a minimum (to save on server space and bandwidth). This page is an example (can you spot the loop point?) 4b Propellor pyramid.

    If you have problems with exporting as a gif format, just export it as whatever file you can. Avi, mov, wmv or whatever and then send it to one of the team. We can convert it to gif later.

    Once the gif is ready upload it to the wiki and link to it in your tutorial page. Or get on the forum and upload it there.

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