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  • 3 Word Story...
  • Do I have the courage?
  • I am ___________________
  • Beginning of my first routine (1 year cjing)
  • yeah baby! plus assorted other celebratory comments.
  • Spazzles Cats....again!
  • I ordered some balls from renegade jugglin, now what?
  • My Christmas juggling video
  • Haunted Cane
  • Enigma

The Ministry of Manipulation

  • 4 ball Snake
  • Review: Mystic Ball DVD
  • Daydream - A shadow of myself
  • Pre-Review Mystic Ball the Movie
  • Juan Felipe Santamaria
  • Japanese Contact Juggling Convention
  • Merry Christmas from
  • New Shoes - Issac Juggling
  • Contact LoLcat?
  • Ministry Workshop - Berlin 2008
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Boing Boing

  • Eerily graceful Indian traffic merging
  • Shanghai taxi scam uses "trunk man" to steal goods
  • Warren Ellis's angry, profane Three Laws of Robotics
  • Bejewelled Singapore taxi dashboard
  • Super Mario level recreated with Doom engine
  • Hall closet converted to a Tardis
  • Mike Huckabee congratulates Canada on its "national igloo"
  • German Justice Minister: ISPs must store data for terrorist-hunting, but not for music industry lawsuits
  • Memo to EU: DRM is dead
  • Erik Otto art show in San Francisco
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