3 ball inverted prayer curl

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    Video Link

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0wyw4v0l6U

    [edit] Explanation

    In order to learn this move, you should first learn 1-ball and 2-ball prayer curls. The first step is to do a Backwards Prayer with 2 balls in a thumb hold and the third actually crossing over the fingertips. Then, with one palm facing down and one facing up, perform the prayer curl seen at 1:18 of the 2-ball prayer curl video. Notice how in that video, the red ball stays on top before and after the curl. With this 3-ball variation, make sure the hand with 2 balls in remains face up throughout the duration of curl. While curling, keep those two balls isolated relative to one another by palmspinning them clockwise (if in your right hand) or counterclockwise (if in your left hand).

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