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What is Contact Juggling?

Contact Juggling (also known as Dynamic Manipulation, Sphereplay, Orb Rolling, etc) is a relatively new form of juggling where balls are rolled over the hands and body instead of tossing them in the air. The fundamental ideas of contact juggling were formulated by physical artist Michael Moschen, although different forms of CJ (as we call it) have been around for quite some time.

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Buy Stuff

There has never been a shop specifically geared to CJers. Now there is! Bob Hughes and Rich Shumaker are there to help your ball rolling needs. For the beginner, check out the wooden ball for only $5, or the standard acrylic (3") for $24. More advanced users may be interested in the 3" Ultraclear acrylic ($25), or coloured balls that are opaque (all 3" and $30 - white, yellow, green or blue), transparent (yellow 3" $30) or even UV sensitive (yellow 3" $30). All balls are suitable for body rolling, and I (Kae - author) can confirm that they feel damned good! (please note that I'm lazy, so the prices may be a bit different)

Quick! Give Me Examples!

Difficult MovesPopular Videos
1b pirouette neck rollSilver I
1b Around The Neck RollBrad - isolations
4b Elbow Hold to 4 Stacklcoombes - Lodi 2001
4b Rotating Columnsjago - show
1b Top of the head to Forhead Stalltheonlygoldenchicken - cj/toss integration
2b Asynchronous
6b Planebreak Diamondmonkeyboy - iso double pinkylift
2b Upsidedown Palmspintheonlygoldenchicken - 3b toss/contact
4b Elbow Hop to Stackiannai - GdQty
3b Seperated Palmspinchico - zipped vids


This site is an open forum for the art, and contains articles and videos from some of the most well known contact jugglers in the world. Logged in users may comment on just about every page on the site, and we welcome all comments, however newbie or jaded they may seem. The site has been running in different guises since 1999, each new version adding more and more functionality.

Please feel free to roam the site and view as much as you want. In order to comment on something, submit an article or move or link, or join a forum, though, you'll have to register and then log in.


You can use these links to buy the CJ Bible, and Michael Moschen's video.

Sphereplay(buy it from Bob)
Sphereplay - Experience the Art of the Sphere for yourself as you learn the dynamic and skillful art of Sphereplay. This 30 minute video explodes with art and music in a high powered 8 minute showcase. Highlights include multi-player sphere passing and the unique styles of 10 players. The lessons begin with a 4 minute, 40 move teaching routine designed to progress in difficulty. Slow motion, close ups and multiple viewing angles isolate and explain every move so you can quickly gain confidence in your new skills. Learn from Michael Glenn, who has 10 years experience in performing, teaching and developing this art. This is more than your ordinary instructional video, so buy it from the Sphereplay - Art of the Sphere creators.
Contact Juggling - Part One(buy it from Bob)
Ideal for the beginner: basic moves in sequence, each move clearly presented, looped for study in the appendix so you won't have to ride the VCR remote controls. Ideal for the expert: advanced moves to keep you busy for months. This is the contact juggling video you've been waiting for: the real stuff, the real moves. A great visual guide to the only book on this subject (James Ernest's "Contact Juggling), but with more tricks and its own, special perspective. VHS, 60 minutes, US$20 + shipping. ordering info, and review.

Join the .org [email protected] project. - Contact Juggling Part I Now Available - Contact Juggling Part II - Coming Soon!